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Australian braves Boston cold, subways to visit Rockler on trip to North America
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It's always fun to hear about someone coming to the States and making a trip to visit a Rockler store. We discovered this post and picture on Woodworking Australia's Woodwork Forums, a popular woodworking site down under. Poster Michael writes:

Thanks to some careful planning on our current holiday I was able to make the subway trip out one cold morning in Boston to Rockler Hardware. Dressed in two beanies, long johns, merino shirt, wind proof jumper, scarf, leather and merino gloves and it was still cold!

As he had to carry his purchases with him in his backpack for the rest of his trip, Michael says

I was a good boy and... only bought two items... [Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers] and an Incra Clamp. I did pick up the catalogue and after reading it on the train I am kicking myself I didn't purchase a few other items.... If only postage to Australia wasn't so much!

Thanks for visiting us, Michael! Glad you were able to haul some Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers home. We're sending you out a Rockler baseball cap as a little souvenir of your trip to our store.

For anyone who hasn't visited Australia's Woodwork Forums, check it out! It's a good bunch of people, and some great resources. Cheers!

posted on February 15, 2010 by Kim Adams
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