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The editors of Fine Woodworking share their initial impressions on the Ready2Rout electronic router table system.


First it was CNC, then it was SawStop technology, now Rockler and Next Wave Automation (makers of the CNC Shark) hope to take computer-controlled technology to the next level with a "smart" router table fence system dubbed "Ready2Rout."

The Ready2Rout system, set to debut in late September/early October, comes standard with four apps designed to produce box joints, dado joints, halfblind dovetail joints, and a whole host of step-and-repeat operations (think flutes spanning the width of a board). Additional apps, like one for cutting through dovetails, are also in the works. Need a custom app? We hear that might be a possibility as well. The unit is set to retail for $599.

Here's the basic idea. Let's take a box joint as an example. After setting the bit height in the conventional manner, the operator zeros the fence and uses the touch screen to indicate the router bit width, and width of stock. The router is turned on and the first cut is made. Next, the operator hits a button which causes the fence to move to its next position, makes the next pass, and continues on down the line.

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AWFS: Rockler Set to Release Computer-Controlled Router Table

posted on October 26, 2013 by Rockler
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