Keeping Digital Gauges and Other Tool Accessories for Your New Bandsaw
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Delta band saw Even as you get rid of your old tools, in favor of new ones see if you can't save yourself a bit of money in the future and keep some accessories around.

When upgrading your saw, keep the future in mind. Even if you never plan to use it again, do not dispose of any original part or assembly. Label and seal it in a bag for future reference, and store it where you can find it easily later. If an upgrade fails for any reason, you may need to get your machine back up and running quickly, and having your original parts on hand for fast reinstallation means you can get back to work right away. Later, when time and finances allow, you can repair or replace your broken upgrade with a new one if you wish. Also, you may get a new saw someday, and if you’ve saved your original parts you can move your upgrades and accessories over to your new machine, and reinstall the original parts on the old one. This will return your old machine to working condition for possible resale.

Digital angle guide Digital angle guides, like this one from Wixey, can help set the table angle for any bandsaw.

Among other pieces you can salvage, digital gauges can be utilized on almost any machine from now into the forseeable future.

Electronic tension gauge Electronic tension gauges with digital readouts, like this from Carter Products, help you keep an eye on how much tension you're putting on your blades.

Not intended specifically for the band saw, a digital angle guide ensures perfectly set table angles on any machine. A digital tension readout, like Carter Products’, gives an accurate tension reading for optimum blade performance.

posted on October 1, 2010 by AJ Hamler
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