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Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers, Part 2: Rockler Celebrates the Cookie with a Cake
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Rockler's Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers have turned out to be such a big hit, that we had a little party last week to celebrate the Cookie and our "Boys in Blue" - the Product Development team that created them!

The delicious (and perfectly-themed!) Cookie Monster cake was made by Roxanne Kielbasa, the caterer wife of Joe Kielbasa, Rockler's V.P. of Merchandising.

Pictured below, right, are the "Boys in Blue," Rocker's very talented Product Development team. (Left to right: Dan Wenning, Jim Fry, Steve Krohmer - V.P., Product Development - and Dan Banasik). (Not pictured: Category Manager Jim Carroll, who also played a key role in developing the Bench Cookie). These guys are responsible for the fabulous Rockler Innovations that you've come to know and love in your shop. As someone at the AWFS show said, leave it to a bunch of guys from Minnesota to come up with a hockey puck that'll do the job for you!

If you haven't been convinced to try Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers yet, take a look at some of the latest customer reviews from

Submitted by Gary, from Dawsonville, GA on 8/25/2009
These are simple and great. I used them to hold some hatch covers off the [work surface]while I varnished them. Perfect for the job.

Submitted by Steve, from Reed, MD on 8/25/2009
Again the folks at Rockler have come up with a simple, low cost solution to a nagging problem. Like many other of their exclusive products, these [Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers] are clever, effective and a great value.

Submitted by Steve, from Whittier, CA on 8/25/2009
After reading all the other reviews, I purchased these because they were so inexpensive and was worth taking a chance on them working as stated. WOW, was I pleased! These little things are amazing and work very well. Even the smaller, lighter pieces of wood stay put when routing and staining. I will ordering more soon!

Submitted by Mike Kennedy, from Zionsville, IN on 8/24/2009
This has to be the best thing to come out in years. It beats the heck out of the old router mats which whould slide around on my table saw top after getting covered with sanding dust. These cookies hold as well as glue. If you do any amount of sanding with an orbital sander this is a must purchase.

Submitted by Carroll Williams, from Thibodaux, LA on 8/23/2009
This is a great product that is long overdue. I've always had problems holding down small pieces for routing. The foam mat was okay, but cumbersome and difficult to store. Clamps worked fairly well, but were in the way of the work and had to be moved in the middle of the operation. These [Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers] are a simple and inexpensive solution to the problem. They are easy to place under the workpiece and grip both the workpiece and [work surface] firmly. I like to use my table saw as my [work surface] and these work great. Plus they are very easy to store. It's hard to pick the best thing about Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers, but ranking right up there is the price: just $12.49! Get yours today, and Create with Confidence™.

posted on August 28, 2009 by Kim Adams
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