Bench Dog Tools Crown Supports Hold Molding in Place Tool-Free with Painter's Pole
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Bench Dog Tools Crown Support Bench Dog Tools' Crown Supports fit on most painter's poles to hold crown moldings in place during fitting.

If you’re installing crown molding, the Crown Support from Bench Dog Tools can give you a hand — so you don’t have to wait on the availability of your spouse or your neighbor. The support assembly threads on to most standard 12-foot painter’s poles, as well as a couple of specialty options, and straddles the molding. You can then slide the molding around and adjust it for the tightest fit possible, without need to climb up and down the ladder to read just the molding support device. Soft support pads accommodate moldings from 1-1⁄2" to 8" wide. Once adjusted — tool-free — the support assembly swivels and wedges against the wall and ceiling, providing a secure hold with no risk of marring. In 2011, Crown Support retailed for $29.99.

posted on February 1, 2011 by Woodworker's Journal
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