Bench and V-Clamps Use Workbenches and Vacuum Pumps to Make Up Shop Hold-Downs
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Kreg Large Bench Clamp Bench clamps, like this one from Kreg, use the workbench to supply some clamping pressure, while V-clamps add pressure via a vacuum pump.

These devices hold workpieces securely to your benchtop during hand tool or machine operations. Many hold-downs, including Jorgensen’s Style No. 1600 hold-downs and Veritas’ Surface Clamp, install into the 3/4-in.-diameter holes found in most workbenches: Install the hold-down clamp in a hole, tighten it over the workpiece, and you’re ready to go. A more complicated but elegant hold-down solution is the V-clamp, which uses suction to holds parts firmly to the bench. Vacuum is supplied either with a vacuum pump or a special valve that turns compressed air pressure into suction.

posted on April 1, 2009 by Sandor Nagyszalanczy
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