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Betterley Industries Una-Gauge Alignment and Adjustment Measures Almost Any Tool
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Betterly Una-Gauge The Betterley Industries Inc. Una-Gauge Universal Alignment and Adjustment system provides measurements for just about any tool in your shop.

Betterley Industries Inc. has introduced the Una-Gauge Universal Alignment and Adjustment. The dial indicator jig provides instant incremental readings of .001" — while you’re making your adjustments. It clamps to steel or iron surfaces on your tools via rare earth magnets and accurately measures up to 3" in height and 2" deep with an accessory contact point. The modular design provides multiple vertical or horizontal indicator positions along the support bar. Its universal design accommodates adjustments and alignment on almost any tool or machine: simple repositioning of the legs bridges the indicator over a variety of blade or bit openings as well as allowing cantilevered support. 2010 suggested price is $199, as of 2010.

posted on December 1, 2010 by Woodworker's Journal
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One thought on “Betterley Industries Una-Gauge Alignment and Adjustment Measures Almost Any Tool”

  • Frank Kay

    Why do you not break the items apart because I can buy the Dial Indicator on another item and will not need two of them.

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