Black & Decker DS321 Portable Sander Offers Low Price for Light Work
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Black & Decker DS321 Power Sander The Black & Decker DS321 Power Sander is an affordable sanding option, but is best suited for lighter shop duty.

Nicknamed the “Dragster” because of its long tapered body and large rear/small front roller combination, the stylish Black & Decker DS321 offers some nice features for a price that’s the lowest in this group. Let’s start with the innovative design: Reducing the size of the front roller increases the overall length of the belt loop, giving the sander a nice long platen that puts more abrasive in contact with the work surface. Even more innovative, the Dragster has a sort of front “hatch” that opens above the front of the belt, allowing the tool to sand in very low or narrow spaces; say, the slats in a louvered shutter.

Unique Body of Black & Decker DS321 The Black and Decker DS321 portable sander has a unique, light body which suits lighter work perfectly, but isn't terribly durable.

I liked the DS321’s front handle, which rapidly adjusts to any of three positions toollessly thanks to a built-in locking lever. Its rear handle and trigger are basic, but serviceable. The sander lacks variable speed control — a 7-amp motor runs the belt at a fixed 800 FPM. It also comes with an almost comically small dust bag, but it mounts with ease and is covered in a finer-woven fabric than most of the other dust bags. No vacuum hose adapter is available.

Black & Decker DS321 Tight Spot Sanding Thanks to the design of the DS321 portable sander, the belt can reach some otherwise tough to reach areas.

While the DS321 functioned well enough, it didn’t have a very solid feel when switched on and put to wood. Belt tracking was ponderous at best, and the small adjustment knob offered little control over the belt. I don’t think this sander would be a good purchase for someone who needs to do a lot of heavy sanding or precise work. But for light work, the DS321 is priced just right.

posted on October 1, 2011 by Sandor Nagyszalanczy
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  • Hal Hellman

    I am looking for an inversion stand (part #478700-00)
    for the DS321 belt sander. Black&Decker no longer stocks them. Any suggestions.?
    Hal Hellman

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