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Bosch 26618-01 Multi-Function Impactor and CET4-20W Compressor
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Bosch 26618-01 Impactor Drill/Driver The 26618-01 from Bosch is a 18-volt impact drill/driver with plenty of drilling, driving and fastening power in one tool.

Offering multiple new tools is Bosch, with an 18-volt impact drill/driver and an entire new line of pneumatic compressors. The 26618-01 Multi-Function Impactor brings drilling, driving and fastening into the capabilities of the same tool. It offers a two-speed motor (0-750/2,800 rpm) and 1,500 inch pounds of torque, all within a 7"-long tool. Soft-grip surfaces, a spring-loaded impact mechanism and Electronic Motor Protection are also part of the tool. It’s powered by an 18-volt Litheon battery (compatible with Bosch’s 18-volt Litheon SlimPack batteries). The 26618-01 is priced at $369 in 2010.

Bosch CET-240W Full-Force Air Compressor Part of Bosch's Full-Force line of air compressors, the CET4-20W compressor offers efficient and quick moisture collection and draining.

Among Bosch’s new Full Force Technology™ line of compressors is the CET4-20W, a hand-carry compressor with a vertical tank that allows moisture to collect at the bottom of the tank, while also condensing the compressor’s center of gravity, so that it’s easier to carry it close to your body (lessens the awkward knee-banging, one would hope...). The control panel — recessed to protect the regulator, gauges, couplers and drain valve — gives easy access to that drain valve. With pressure in the tanks, you can use a single valve to easily drain both tanks as often as needed, extending the life of the compressor. The CET4-20W has a two-pole electric induction motor and a contractor grade oil-lubricated pump. Its four-gallon capacity provides 4.9 cubic feet of air per minute at 100 psi. It’s listed at a price of $667 as of 2010.

posted on April 1, 2010 by Woodworker's Journal
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