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Bosch Powerbox 360 Jobsite Radios Play Music and Charge Portable Tools While You Work
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Bosch PowerBox 360 Jobsite Radio The Bosch PowerBox 360 radio combines a standard radio and MP3 player with ports to charge your power tools while you work.

Music to woodworkers’ ears? That’s the goal of Bosch’s Power Box™ 360 jobsite radios, which have been upgraded from the previous Power Max models to add more hi-fi hightech, including integrated subwoofers that project enriched sounds in all directions. You can also get tunes from the included AM/FM radio or from your MP3 player or MP3 playing smartphone, plugged into the weather-sealed digital media bay. Plus, the Power Box 360 functions as a charger and a power center for your shop tools and accessories with a battery bay to charge 14.4- and 18-volt power tool batteries (which can also power the 360 unit itself when no plug-in’s available); fourway power outlets to power or charge corded tools, small shop lights, cell phones and laptop computers; and a car charger outlet. It also features ports for memory cards and USB-connected devices — and the USB port is also powered for charging those devices.

posted on April 1, 2011 by Woodworker's Journal
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One thought on “Bosch Powerbox 360 Jobsite Radios Play Music and Charge Portable Tools While You Work”

  • Bruce Sloper

    Has Bosch brought out new models? I think there might be a smaller radio but not with the features.What is the price of the 360?
    Many thanks

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