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Bosch PRO824 Dado Blade Set Cuts Plywood, Melamine with Minimal Scoring
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Bosch PRO824 Dado Blade Set 2011 Street price: $240-$247
Chippers: 4 (1/16", two 1/8", 1/4")
Maximum cutting width: 13/16"
Outer blades: 24-tooth
Chipper style: Two-wing
Carbide: C3; Hook angle: +15°

With 15 degrees of positive hook, I wasn’t expecting this Bosch blade to cut as cleanly as it did. It left a fair amount of splintering on oak ply, but the results were still above average for me, and it handled melamine quite well, too. Cross-grain cedar cuts were nearly perfect and entirely on par with other negative hook blades. The thickest chipper blade left noticeable score marks in the bottoms of the maple dadoes, but the sidewalls and top edges of these cuts were still clean. The two-wing chippers that come with this blade do have to cut more material per revolution per tooth than chipper blades with more teeth, but the carbide is really thick. That should allow for several resharpenings when they finally dull. Still, despite a good showing in testing, this blade seems overpriced — it’s at least $40 more than the “sweet spot” of $199 among this test group.

posted on July 1, 2011 by Chris Marshall
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