Bosch PS50 Multi-X Multi-tool Offers Lithium Ion Powered Sanding, Sawing and Cutting
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Bosch’s PS50-2B Multi-X Multi-Tool Bosch’s PS50-2B Multi-X Multi-Tool offers attachments for cutters, saws and sanders and runs off Bosch Max Litheon batteries.

Time was, if your friend had a multi-tool, you were pretty safe in assuming it was a Dremel. Now, everyone’s getting into the act: Bosch recently launched their 12-volt Bosch PS50 Multi-X. It’s powered by Bosch’s Max Litheon battery line. The soft-molded, oscillating multi-tool cuts, saws and sands by swapping out its accessories. The SA sells for $185, while The PS50-2B Multi-X Carpenter Kit (shown, which contains a few more blades), costs $205 in 2009.

posted on April 1, 2009 by Woodworker's Journal
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