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Bosch's 3x21 1274DVS Belt Sander Provides the Useablity of a Hand Sander and the Stability of a Stationary Sander
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Bosch 1274 DVS Belt Sander Bosch's ultra-modern European locomotive-style design provides great power and balance in a handheld package.

A product of the European school of power tool design, the Bosch 1274DVS looks more like an ultramodern locomotive than it does a belt solid sander. That’s in part due to its in-line-motor design, with its motor mounted lengthwise directly over the belt. With almost the entire weight of the tool centered directly over the belt, the 1274DVS is the best balanced sander in this group. An added bonus of the unit’s flat-topped body design is that it can be clamped upside down on a bench and used as a stationary sander — brilliant!

Bosch 1274 Benchtop Sander Adaptation The Bosch 1274DVS Sander flips from hand sander to stationary sander with the help of a table and a couple clamps.

The 1274DVS handles are basic, but serviceable. The front handle is removable, allowing the tool to sand closer to a vertical obstruction, such as the wall when sanding a floor. The Bosch 3x21 has a very nice cast-alloy platen covered with a graphite-impregnated pad. The pad noticeably reduces friction between the platen and belt. The down side is that the graphite rubs off onto the inside of the belt, making it difficult to see the belt’s grit designation and directional arrows. Both of the Bosch’s rollers are sealed on the ends — a nice touch that keeps sawdust from accumulating inside them.

The 1274DVS comes with a smallish flat rectangular canvas dust bag and a vacuum hose adapter, but when used, the hose protrudes so far out that it makes the sander awkward to use.

Bosch Sander in Motion The Bosch 1274DVS sander has a cast alloy platen with a graphite lubricated pad making it durable, stable, and easy to use.

In terms of handling, the lightweight and easy maneuvering Bosch was my hands-down favorite. If you often sand small parts or must sand vertical or even overhead surfaces, this is the belt sander for you. Despite having the lowest-rated amperage motor in the group, the Bosch turned in a middle-of-the-pack performance in terms of sanding power.

posted on October 1, 2011 by Sandor Nagyszalanczy
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8 thoughts on “Bosch's 3x21 1274DVS Belt Sander Provides the Useablity of a Hand Sander and the Stability of a Stationary Sander”

  • Alfred Warren

    I want to buy a Bosch Belt Sander 1274 DVSK 3x21
    Tell me where I can buy it

  • Greg S

    do you know if their going to put it back into production ? If not, what would be a good replacement? Thanks

  • Robert Adcock,Sr

    I am a Master Craftsman and have used this sander, it get into close places and is light and very useful. This sander needs to be reinstated for the person that has to do detailing work, are you going to open this line of sanders back up?If this sander is not in production where can I get one like it. I know all good things must end, but the end of this sander ended tooooooo soon.
    Thanks, Robert

  • george

    what is your recommended replacement for the bosch 1274 ? This has been our favorite for a number of years and we would like to stay as close as possible to the same shape and weight.

  • Gary Reihl

    I can't get the belt to track correctly.. have replaced the drive roller and the front guide roller.. What else can I try??

  • mark proctor

    want to buy Bosch 1274 DVS 3 x 21 Belt Sander: have had one for 4 years but needs repair & unable to find replacement parts. Excellent Product.

  • Van

    Is Bosch ever going to start production of their Bosch 1274 belt sander. If not will anyone els start producing one anything like it?

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