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Bosch's Top Handle (and Top Rated) Jig Saw
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Bosch jig saws have always received high ratings, in professional reviews and from proud owners alike. The Bosch 1590EVSK Top Handle Jig Saw is no exception.  Here's what Andy Engel had to say in the August/September 2006 issue of Fine Homebuilding about the 1590EVSK, after testing it along with 11 other models:

“My best over-all choice is the Bosch 1590. This saw was the most solid performer in all the areas tested, a real joy to use.”

“My favorite saw. A little big, but it handles like a dream.  This saw had the best blade change in the test, ejecting spent blades and allowing easy insertion of fresh ones.  It offers front flush-cutting ability, tool-less bevel-changing, and a blade guide that’s more effective than the standard wheel-type guides on most other saws.”

What makes for a standout jig saw? The contributing factors are many. Among them, easy blade change ranks high.  As you read above, this saw makes blade changes a piece of cake: the tool-free blade change on the 1590EVSK takes only a few seconds.

Of course, there's the quality of the cut. For a jig saw, cut quality has a lot to do with whether the blade stays perpendicular to the material throughout the cut (or at the correct angle, in bevel cuts).  Lateral blade wander is a notorious problem with jig saws, and all kinds remedies devised to add stability to the blade. The Bosch 1590's unique Precision Control system - comprised of two blade guide arms positioned near the surface of the material - is likely the best yet.  With the Precision Control system engaged, you can expect minimal blade deflection, even in tight turns.

Splintering at the top of the cut and a cut line obscured by debris are also a famous jig saw problems.  The Bosch 1590 comes with a clear plastic zero clearance insert that snaps in to the foot (no tools required there, either) that makes for a smooth, chip-free top surface.  The insert also leaves the cut line in plain sight, and the two-position chip blower keeps it free of debris.  There's a dust port at the rear of the saw, if you prefer to completely rid youself of chips and dust - a hose adapter is available from the manufacturer as an accessory.

Cut speed is another factor. The Bosch 1590EVSK is an "orbital" saw, meaning that the blade, along with moving straight up and down, can be set to produce three levels of a more aggressive forward and backward orbital action for optimal cutting in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, plastics and wood.  It's equipped with a 6.4 amp motor, making it the 1590 is the most powerful jig saw on the market, and its low vibration design makes it exceptionally smooth to operate.

Finally, the 1590EVSK can be preset to a maximum plunger speed anywhere from 500 to 2,800 strokes per minute using the variable speed dial at the rear of the saw, and the speed can be further fine tuned during the cut using the variable speed trigger. Bosch's unique Constant Response Circuitry keeps the plunger rate consistent under varying loads, leaving you in complete control of the plunger speed through the entire cut.  Add these features to power, negligible blade deflection, and a few extra ammenities like the quick-release blade, dust port and zero-clearance foot insert, and what you get is the best jig saw experience you're ever likely to have.

posted on November 27, 2006 by Rockler
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