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Build Your Own Entertainment Center
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Whether you're storing CDs, housing a satellite television system, or showing off your stereo equipment, Rockler's Home Entertainment Center Plan #52232 can be customized with tailor-made accessories to help you build your very own home entertainment center. Rockler's other unique products can add the necessary touches to help you design and create the entertainment center of your dreams.

Planning and Preparation

Before you get started, consider your home entertainment preferences. What kind of components do you own and want to display? Start your project by making a list of your storage requirements, and what type of merchandise you plan to keep at hand for your entertainment pleasure.

Devise an Organized Entertainment System

  • Flipper Door or Sliding Door System if you like to keep electronic equipment hidden.
  • Hidden Link system will let you keep your components neat and tidy behind wood doors and keep them functional in the process.
  • A TV pullout provides for easy-out watching at any angle with the convenience of hidden or recessed storage when the TV is put away.
  • Our JIG IT shelving jig will help you configure the right space with perfectly centered shelf pin holes.
  • Shelf Pins so that you can adjust your shelving as you upgrade your entertainment system.
  • Media Holders give you storage options for your CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes and can be customized to fit any space you invent.
  • Glass Door Hardware to show off your treasured collectibles for a behind-the-glass showcase look.
  • Glass Door Locks for safekeeping and security.

Be Creative

Think about your special belongings like games, needlework, your remote control or other possessions. Drawers can be customized into any shape, size or weight rating with our smooth gliding Accuride Drawer Slides. Rockler also has all the Cabinet Lighting, Cord Management, Cabinet Hinges, Casters, Glides and other Hardware needs necessary to help you create your customized Home Entertainment Center.

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posted on April 24, 2011 by Rockler
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