How to Build a Fluting Jig for Wooden Dowel Rods with Drywall Screws
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Cutting fluting into a dowel drawing Rather than spend extra money on fluted dowels, this simple jig (and some drywall screws) allows you to cut them yourself at home

With this jig, I can buy plain dowel rods and flute them myself. To make one, take a block of 1-1⁄2"-thick scrap that measures 3-1⁄2" square. Cut it into an octagon shape and bore a 3/8"- or 1/2"-diameter hole through the center (depending on the dowels you plan to use with the jig). Then drill a 1/8"-diameter hole, centered on each of the flats, going through to the dowel hole. Drive a 1-5⁄8" drywall screw into each hole until just the tips of the screws protrude into the dowel hole. That’s it! Pounding a dowel through the hole cuts eight flutes in a single pass. Use a length of spare dowel to drive the end the rest of the way through. Then, give the dowel a little twist and cut eight more flutes with another pass.

posted on April 1, 2010 by Woodworker's Journal
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2 thoughts on “How to Build a Fluting Jig for Wooden Dowel Rods with Drywall Screws”

  • mrdb

    very good

  • Sam Bailey

    I have a need to have 3 2X4 lined up like a picknic table bench and I needed to drill a half inch hole all the way through the center 2X4 and most of the way through the other 2 and glue them together with 5 dowel rods. I needed to flute maybe even with a twist on the ends so the glue could escape and even hold a little better. Wood threading was too fine but this idea will work perfect for what I need. Thanks

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