How to Build a Plywood Drill Press Shop Safety Jig to Brace Workpieces
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Plywood drill press bracing jig This simple plywood drill press jig braces itself against the press and a workpiece, preventing the drill from catching and spinning the piece.

When a drill press catches on a workpiece and spins it, it’s an injury waiting to happen. That’s why I designed this plywood jig. A pattern of stopped holes in the jig allows me to position two metal “safety” dogs in various configurations so I can sandwich my workpieces between them. I used 1/2"-diameter bolts with the threaded ends cut off to create the dogs.

The jig has a long leg (at the left end in the photo) that braces against the drill press column during use. A large dowel in front gives me a convenient handle to position the jig and workpiece for precise drilling. Provided the leg of the jig is firmly positioned against the column, I’ve found that no further clamping is required.

posted on May 1, 2010 by Woodworker's Journal
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