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Building Drawers by Installing and Measuring the Drawer Slides First
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Measuring drawer slide spaces By mounting the drawer slides before building the drawers themselves, you can calculate out the drawer measurements exactly.

Here’s a trick that can save you headaches when installing slides: mount the hardware before you even build the drawers. With both pieces of each slide connected, measure between them to determine the final sizes of your drawer parts. That way you can account for deviations in your cabinet’s construction and get perfectly fitting, smooth-sliding drawers every time.

posted on June 1, 2009 by Woodworker's Journal
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4 thoughts on “Building Drawers by Installing and Measuring the Drawer Slides First”

  • dick zeigler

    I want to replace our existing kitchen drawers and slides. Would like to use center mount, but find it difficult to reach back of cabinet. Is there an easy way?

  • Norman Howell

    difficult job any way you go at it. get yourself a couple of battery operated led lights to place in cabinet for light. Then measure your vertical distance from solid on bottom to top. Get a good piece of pine and cut to that length being sure you can get it into the cabinet first. CAREFULLY measure where the back end of the center guide will land for each drawer and fasten your back end holders to this board. Prestart a few screws to hold this board, put some good wood glue on it and install it against the cabinet back. Use a plum to be sure you are vertical. Usually there is enough slack in these mounts so you can be off a little and still be ok. Good luck. Very tight working space. Once back is in place then you can place rest of guides easily.

  • David Abineri

    I would have thought that the thickness of side mounted drawer slides would be a critical dimension so that one may build the drawers to the correct width with the right clearance for the slides. Why is the thickness not listed with the other dimensions for the slides?

  • Jane

    You would be doing a huge service if you showed how to actually install the drawer into the cabinet once the glides are installed. My contractor removed the drawers from my cabinet. Now he is gone and I have spent the last 20 minutes trying to figure out how to slide the drawers back in. I have damaged two glides already.

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