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Buying a Miter Saw Blade
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Aside from getting the correct size blade, the main consideration when choosing a crosscut blade for your miter saw is whether the saw is a stationary or sliding miter saw. On sliding miter saws, regular crosscut blades can tend to take a deeper bite and "climb" the material, posing a possible danger. To reduce "climbing," manufacturers designed blades with teeth set at a negative hook angle that won't bite so aggressively. If you're using a sliding miter saw, these sliding miter saw blades are your best – and safest – bet.

What you need to know about hook angle blades.

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  • posted on June 12, 2014 by Rockler
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    4 thoughts on “Buying a Miter Saw Blade”

    • spencer

      Thanks for the information.

    • David M. Goldstein

      If I plan on cutting plywood and/or dimensional lumber in straight lines, a circular saw is a versatile tool for my arsenal. With a few tricks and techniques, I can make nice, straight, square cuts without having to own several separate, bulky tools, like a table saw, and a power miter saw.

    • miter saw

      This is the most awesome post. i have no idea when i would use a table saw, but i love the idea that i feel like i could now!

    • Sarah

      I have a Dewalt DW 175 miter saw that bought from this site days ago. I see your article, Do you give me advice for slide blade for ad Dewalt DW175. I usually miter saw cut metal and wood. Thanks

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