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C-Clamps and Wooden Handscrews for Parallel and Angled Surface Clamping
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Jet Tools C-Clamps C-clamps are woodworking classics, and still in use for a reason, they provide an inexpensive and easy to use clamping option for almost any size job.

C-clamps have been a tried-and-true part of a woodworker’s basic clamping arsenal, offering lots of clamping power for smaller jobs. Woodstock International’s D3200-series C-clamps feature a quick-release, allowing gross changes in clamping thickness without having to spin the screw around and around. The limitation of most C-clamps is their relatively shallow throat depth, but deep-throat clamps, such as Woodstock International’s model D2800, allow a greater reach for clamping wider assemblies.

Hand screws have long wood jaws that also offer a deep reach and can clamp both parallel or angled surfaces. To save money, you can buy handscrew kits that supply the hardware while you make your own wood jaws.

posted on April 1, 2009 by Matt Hocking
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