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SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw Comes with a Patented Safe Brake System
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SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw Rip Capacity: 52"R, 12"L
Table: 27"W x 44"L
Weight: 449 lbs
Depth of Cut: 3-1⁄8" (90°); 2-1⁄4" (45°)
2010 Price: $2,999

SawStop’s Professional Cabinet Saw fills a niche between its Contractor’s Saw and the Industrial Cabinet Saw, which sells for about a grand more than this new Pro model. It seems a “right sized” version for the demanding home-shop user.

As you would expect, this Professional Saw includes the patented brake system to prevent severe blade injuries, and it comes with a pair of riving knives — one fixed to the guard and another for non-through cuts. They swap quickly with a big locking lever. The guard has a unique limit rod stop that restricts you from cutting overly thick or tall workpieces that exceed the blade’s height. It didn’t interfere with normal cutting.

Looking inside, the trunnion assembly is a combination of cast-iron and steel parts. It’s lighter in heft than other saw trunnions, but the saw ran as smoothly as heavier-trunnion saws. The blade brake is easy to reach through a side door; you’ll need to switch it for dadoing (the accessory dado brake cartridge cost $89 in 2010).

Dust collection port and hose from SawStop cabinet saw While the author wasn't able to properly test it, SawStop claims that its dust collection system protects your machine from 99% of debris thrown off by sawing.

SawStop provides an excellent plastic blade guard, and it’s fitted for a vac hose to capture dust above the table. The company says the system is 99 percent efficient when connected to a vacuum and dust collector. (SawStop will soon offer a hose accessory that will join the two dust ports into one main port on the cabinet back.)

While I couldn’t test the dust efficiency claim, this saw provided outstanding sawdust collection for me. Only a tiny amount of debris escaped the top guard, so the table stayed very clean. The cabinet interior was almost dust-free. Kudos, SawStop, for your efforts toward cleaner sawing and healthier shop air quality.

For other details, the saw’s fully adjustable rip fence locks down tight, and an oversized paddle switch shuts things down fast. Good operator controls also make sawing more pleasant. Here’s a sophisticated, high quality but expensive saw.

posted on February 1, 2010 by Chris Marshall
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