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Carpenter Kudos for the Lid Stay Torsion Hinge
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lid stay torsion hingeJust like the rest of us, HGTV’s Mark Clement has his reputation to consider. So who’d expect such a macho carpenter dude (his words, give or take) to pipe up about his forays into the gentler art of woodworking? But that he did in his recent review of our new Lid Stay Torsion Hinge.

In our opinion, it’s about half of what makes his comments such a great thing. Of course, we always appreciate kind words about our products from a true expert. Just as good, though, was hearing a veteran remodeler speak out for truck drivin’, hammer swingin’ construction-types everywhere who occasionally like to make things that aren’t held together with sinkers, deck screws or PL products – and at that, just because they like to.

But why go on about a hinge in the first place? By appearances a humble piece of hardware, the Lid Stay is actually a new and compact solution for an age-old woodworking challenge: getting a chest lid to stay open on its own. Until now, preventing a heavy lid from slamming down on the top of your carefully crafted project, your fingers or the head of your favorite kid has been accomplished most often with a combination of hinges and lid supports. Nothing wrong with that, but it does involve a lot of hardware.

lid stay lid support hinge close upWith Lid-Stay, all you need are the hinges. Similar in concept to the hinges on a laptop, they’ll hold a good sized toy box lid open in any position that you leave it. Better still, they couldn’t be simpler to install – no mortises or special cuts required. And if you pick up a Lid Stay Jig-It Template while you’re at it and follow the easy instructions (both available in the Lid Stay offer) you’ll find it just about impossible to do the job wrong.

The Lid Stay Torsion Hinge is a quick, clean solution for box lids of various kinds, and in Mark’s opinion, even a few remodeling challenges: “...it's a totally viable solution for remodeling too. Check this out: In my remodeling activities I often have to find space where there is none and I end up making a lot of cubby-type cabinets. The Rockler hinge would be an ideal solution for my solutions. I love it.

posted on February 27, 2009 by Kim Adams
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6 thoughts on “Carpenter Kudos for the Lid Stay Torsion Hinge”

  • Wilfred Jacob
    Wilfred Jacob June 1, 2014 at 10:10 am

    This hinge is great but critic do not sell single Unit as some people will by one lower the price two for 40.00 and this is fair then no one will have an accident I will order 2 because of high price I will no buy any more s I needed 12 so no sale

  • Sparky Perry

    Your grammar is so poor, I can't understand what you're trying to convey. I think you're trying to say that they do not sell individual hinges? If so, look at the items again. There are single hinges for saie.

  • David Cizadlo
    David Cizadlo March 4, 2015 at 9:13 am

    I made a toy box for my granddaughter using these hinges I needed 3 hinges. The hinges work better than I thought I am planning on making more toy boxes and I will definitely be using these hinges. I just wish that they weren't so expensive but you get what you pay for. The lid stays were you stop opening it. My daughter and son in law were impressed with the toy box and the hinges.

  • Reggie Matthews

    I like the concept of the hinges. However I built a steamer type trunk and not sure it will work with that design. Can you use this with steamer trunk?

  • James Bryce

    I wish Rockler would invest in opening shops here in Canada instead of restricting Canadians from legally buying its products online and shipping the products. Your ban to ship certain products is laughable in today's day of Internet.

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