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Carter Products MagFence Adds a Magnetic Saw Fence to Any Ferrous Table Saw or Bandsaw
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Carter Products’ MagFence Saw Fence Carter Products' MagFence attaches magnetically to any ferrous metal saw in your workshop to add a fast and durable fence for many types of cuts.

Carter Products’ new idea is the MagFence™. It’s a rip fence for your band saw, your table saw — or whatever tool you have with a table made from ferrous metal, so you can attach the fence with its accompanying magnets. Easy magnetic attachment (and detachment) means you can move the MagFence around, or use it as a table extension if you lay it down horizontally. As of 2009, you’ll pay $79.95 for the 16" version and $89.95 for the 19-1⁄2" model.

posted on April 1, 2009 by Woodworker's Journal
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