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Carter Products Micro-Adjust Premium Guides for Band Saws
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Micro-Adjust Premium Guides Carter Product's bandsaw blade guides fits most shop bandsaws from 1/8" to 1".

Micro-Adjust Premium Guides™ from Carter Products fit major band saw brands and blades from 1/8" to 1". The guides allow tool-free adjustments forward, backward and side-to-side, which reduces friction and leads to smoother cuts. Priced at $189 in 2008.

posted on August 1, 2008 by Woodworker's Journal
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4 thoughts on “Carter Products Micro-Adjust Premium Guides for Band Saws”

  • Rick Travin

    Will Carter Micro-adjust premium guides for bandsaws fit my 12" General International?

  • Don Bush Enterprises Inc.

    I have one Rockwell 14" with the Height extension, it runs 105 1/2 inch blades. It is my mini re-saw band saw.
    I just ordered another Carter set up for my standard Rockwell 14 inch, got tired of fussing with the archaic friction glides.
    I really wish they would manufacture them for all saws, I have a 20" Laguna Tools Band saw that I purchased for re-saw and larger cuts, I hardly use it because of the sucky guide set-up they have. Why would any tool designer have a back wheel that doesnt roll with the blade?????

  • Bob Golding

    Will the Carter Micro-adjust premium guides fit the Porter-Cable 14" band saw?

  • ccarl mullins
    ccarl mullins July 31, 2015 at 2:57 pm

    I have a mich industrial tool 14 inch band saw and would like to upgrade the guides will the carter micro adjust premium guides fit my saw the round shaft is 7/8th of an inch would appreciate any response on this matter I raised the top part 1 and 1/8th to be able to find better blades they are 93and1/2 inches

    thank you

    Carl Mullins

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