CGG Schmidt Saw Blades Feature Noise Reduction and Laser-cut for Woodworking
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C.G.G. Schmidt Saw Blades C.G.G. Schmidt has developed quieter blades in nine different categories for almost any shop use.

Charles G.G. Schmidt & Co. added an entire new line to their offerings. The new series of 24 laser-cut, low-noise blades covers just about every facet of woodshop cutting, and features both 10" and 12" blades, with standard 5/8" arbors and larger 1" arbors. Tooth count and design varies depending on the intended use of each blade.

There’s not enough room here to list every blade and its individual specs, of course, but the Schmidt series is divided into nine blade types according to their main use or intended machine.

All blades in the series sport laser-cut slots for vibration control and noise abatement, and, in 2011, sold for about $48 to $90.

posted on April 1, 2011 by AJ Hamler
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