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Clamp-It Assembly Squares - Options, Options and More Options
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By now, you’ve probably heard of Rockler’s line of Clamp-It assembly square clamping tools. Over the years, the Clamp-It system has earned a reputation as the solution of choice for those awkward assembly operations that seem to be designed for woodworkers who were born with three hands.  Clamp-It assembly squares and the corresponding Clamp-It bar clamps act as the “third hand” you need when you’re constructing boxes, frames or other projects and need to hold two parts in alignment at a specific angle while you fasten them.

But maybe you didn’t know just how many variations of the basic tool are available, or about all of the money-saving kits that let you get just the combination of Clamp-It tools you need without the added expense of purchasing the items separately.  To give you an idea, here are a few highlights (you’ll find the complete list in our Rockler Exclusive Clamps category):

For a basic workhorse set-up, try the Clamp-It Assembly Square 6-Pc. Kit.  It comes with two original Clamp-It assembly squares and four Clamp-It bar clamps – everything you need to clamp two standard 90 degree corners together in perfect alignment.

Sometimes, you need to get into a tight space to align the parts of a joint. If you make small projects, like jewelry boxes or doll houses, the Mini Clamp-It Assembly Square Kit is a perfect fit. It comes with two Mini Clamp-It assembly square and four Mini Clamp-It bar clamps for close-quarters assembly operations.

What about other-than-90 degree angles? The recently introduced Adjustable Clamp-It now comes in kit form.  The Adjustable Clamp-It Assembly Tool Kit lets you apply the Clamp-It’s “third hand” to projects involving odd angles, like other-than-four sided boxes, multi-sided frames, and stair rail assemblies (to name just a few).

All of the above: The Cabinetmaker’s Clamp-It Assembly Tool Master Kit lets you do it all, and for a huge savings over buying the tools separately.  It’s worth considering. Once you’ve tried one Clamp-It, you may get hooked on the way it speeds up assembly and gives you reliably accurate alignment of the members of straight and odd-angled joints.

Want a little more information? Read what a couple of experts from the Woodworker’s Journal have to say about the Clamp-It. And if you're wondering what other woodworkers think of the Clamp-It  system, here's a customer review of the Clamp-It Assembly Square 6 Pc Kit - and here's another customer review of the Mini Clamp-It.

posted on November 14, 2006 by Rockler
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4 thoughts on “Clamp-It Assembly Squares - Options, Options and More Options”

  • Forrest Bonner

    I have found that thru-drilling a small pilot hole before using the Forstner bit allows me to drill part way thru from one side, then flipping the part over and finish the hole with the Forstner bit from the other side. This results in a much more reliable smooth edge on both sides with no chance of splintering. The point in the center of the bit allows for precise alignment on the obverse side to assure a smooth-sided hole.

  • Blog Editor

    Good tip - thanks

  • i need a dollhouse lazy susan.

  • Blog Editor

    Here are some <a href="http://www.rockler.com/product.cfm?page=2273" rel="nofollow">lazy susan mechanism's</a> in a variety of sizes - is that what you are looking for?

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