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Craftsman 21500 Spindle Sander Has a Small Motor but a Good Locking Mechanism
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Craftsman 21500 Spindle Sander Table size and construction / tilt: 18" dia. round cast-iron / non-tilting
Motor type / amperage: Induction / 2.6 amps
Stroke length / strokes per minute (spm): 1" / 30 spm
Sanding drum length: 41⁄2" long
Sleeve diameters: 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1⁄2", 2", 3"
Weight: 52 lbs
2010 Price: $279

This attractive model has a silvery plastic base and a round 18" diameter fixed cast-iron table. It features slots and recesses to house all the accessories (drums/sleeves, table inserts, washers and locknut), and the stuff stays in place nicely — doesn’t fall out when the unit is moved. It’s also the only OSS with a built-in cord storage that keeps the cord neat and out of the way during transport and storage; nice. The Craftsman is physically larger than most of the other sanders, so it’s a bit bulkier to store.

Despite its small 2.6-amp motor — the lowest amperage motor in the group — the 21500 performed with surprising power, bogging down only a little when sanding thick hardwood workpieces using the 3" drum. The unit does vibrate a bit more than the General — the smoothest in this group. The Craftsman has a small impeller on the spindle under the sanding drum that aids dust collection when connected to a shop vacuum. The unit did an excellent job of sucking up fine dust from around the drum through the slots cut in the table inserts.

Rubber locking knob for spindle sanding drum The sanding drum on the spindle locks with a rubberized knob, making tool changes much easier.

Drum changes were easy with the Craftsman, thanks in part to its spindle-locking nut, with a star-shaped knob that allows changes without a wrench. The 21500 also comes with matching sets of table inserts and a complete set of washers, each of which works with a specific diameter sanding drum. A sleeve on the bottom of the locking nut fits perfectly into the hole in each washer, thus centering it automatically; very nice!

posted on June 1, 2010 by Sandor Nagyszalanczy
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