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Craftsman 21914 Drill Press Feature-Rich and User-Friendly at a Good Price
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Craftsman drill press Swing: 12"
HP/Amps: 2/3; 6
Speed Range (RPM): 500-3000
Table Size: 10" x 10"
Spindle Travel: 3-1⁄4"; Chuck: 1/2"
2011 Price: $219.99; Weight: 96 lbs.

Offering the second lowest price in this test group, Craftsman’s 12" drill press comes well equipped. A digital readout on the pulley case allows you to evaluate drilling depth in imperial (decimal) or metric readouts easily while drilling, and it’s intuitive to use. An LED articulating light helps brighten up the drilling area — always helpful — but the beam strength is pretty dim.

Craftsman quill handle The Craftsman drill press features a horizontal quill handle, which provides a lot of comfort for woodworkers who are at the drill a lot.

Laser crosshairs are gaining popularity on drill presses, and Craftsman’s battery-powered version is easy to adjust when needed. I also appreciate the steel table fence provided here (the only test tool with one). My favorite gizmo is the horizontal quill handle that allows a more normal range of wrist motion when drilling (it was a big plus for making 100 holes!).

Craftsman depth setting Setting drilling depth on the Craftsman 21914 is made a bit easier with a digital depth readout.

A couple of concerns surfaced: the table’s rim was cracked (the replacement was flat and defect-free). Its tool base also seems undersized for a top-heavy machine, so be sure to bolt it down. The single pulley drive belt was thinner on this machine than others, but it still kept the press from slipping during testing. All in all, Craftsman offers a user-friendly, affordable machine.

posted on February 1, 2011 by Chris Marshall
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  • Brett

    After spending a few weeks growing into my new fad of woodworking, I started experimenting with craftsman and their drill press's and I decided that they are amazing! I personally use a Craftsman 21914 drill press.

    You can find my tutorials and overview here - <a href="http://www.craftsmandrillpress.com" rel="nofollow">Craftsman Drill Press</a>

  • maria filippone

    where can I find the craftsman 21914 drill press?

  • canhphuc

    It's power tool.
    Great post!
    Thanks for sharing!

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