Crank-handle Bar Clamps Make Projects Secure with Steel, Aluminum or Wood Bars
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Rockler Sure-Foot Aluminum Bar Clamp Rockler's Sure-Foot aluminum bar clamps are less expensive for heavier duty clamps but still durable enough for every day use.

With their thick square-section threaded screws, crank-handle bar clamps generate enough clamping pressure for the most difficult clamping situations, like straightening bowed boards during glue-up or pressing too-tight joints closed. Most of these bar clamps feature either steel or aluminum bars. Steel-beamed bar clamps, such as the Jorgensen 7200 series, are the strongest, but they’re very heavy — and expensive. For everyday duties, aluminum bar clamps like the Rockler Sure-Foot™ clamps are less expensive and easier to handle. For thicker stock or wider assemblies, choose clamps with deeper jaws. Clamp kits, such as Veritas panel clamps or Wood River’s clamping system, are a cost-effective alternative to ready-made bar clamps; you make the wood bars yourself.

posted on April 1, 2009 by Sandor Nagyszalanczy
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3 thoughts on “Crank-handle Bar Clamps Make Projects Secure with Steel, Aluminum or Wood Bars”

  • Richard Bender

    Do ou make a Sure-Foot in steel?

  • steve

    Are all component parts of item 41815 metal? I know the bar is aluminum but what about all other component pieces?

  • James Farmer

    I am looking fro a foot to my bar clamp.
    Ii have a 4ft. bar clamp that I broke the sliding foot part of the clamp.
    I would like to get just that part if possible.

    Thank You

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