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Crib and Highchair Safety Standards
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Rockler's Tech. Support team gets its share of questions on safety standards for children's furniture, and would like to pass on some general information on guidelines for woodworking projects intended to for children's use.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission issues standards for children's furniture, such as cribs and highchairs. All of the children's furniture hardware, supplies and plans Rockler offers meet CPSC guidelines. Rockler also offers a few products that will help make the rest of your house more child-friendly, like the Anti-Tip Kit safety cable and the Surface Mounted Cedar Chest Lock and Latch, which includes a feature that prevents the lock from accidentally trapping a child inside a toy box or trunk.

Here's a list of CPSC guidelines for cribs and highchairs (visit the CPSC at for a complete list of safety guidelines):

Cribs -

1. Slats are spaced no more than 2 3/8 inches (60 mm) apart.

2. No slats are missing or cracked.

3. Mattress fits snugly--less than two finger width between edge or mattress and crib side.

4. Mattress support is securely attached to the head and foot-boards.

5. Corner posts are no higher than 1/16 inch (1.5 mm) to prevent entanglement of clothing or other objects worn by child.

6. No cutouts in the head and foot-boards which allow head entrapment.

7. Drop-side latches cannot be easily released by baby.

8. Drop-side latches securely hold sides in raised position.

9. All screws or bolts which secure components of crib are present and tight.

Highchairs -

1. High chair has waist and crotch restraining straps that are independent of the tray.

2. Tray locks securely.

3. Buckle on waist strap is easy to use.

4. High chair has a wide stable base.

5. Caps or plugs on tubing are firmly attached and cannot be pulled off and choke a child.

6. If it is a folding high chair, it has an effective locking device to keep the chair from collapsing.

posted on March 28, 2006 by Rockler
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8 thoughts on “Crib and Highchair Safety Standards”

  • Erin Martin

    Do you all still sell Crib plans to build a crib yourself? With all the necessary brackets and bolts and then we just buy the wood?

  • Sandi

    Do you still sell Highchair safety straps or any other Highchair parts?

  • Steve Lanier

    Vol 28 No 4 (August 2004) contained plans for an Intarsia Backed High Chair. I'v built two of these in the past and now that my daughter is expecting my one and only granddaughter, it's time to build another. Key hardware parts are listed as items number 30866 (high chair hardware) and 85771 (safety strap). An oak tray wa also listed as item number 32418. Are these parts still available from Rockler and if not, where can I find them?

  • Rowdy

    Where should I go to find the answers to the questions posted by others?

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