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Darson Digital Calipers Gets Digital Measurement for Drill Bits, Mortises and More
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Digital Caliper Measuring Tool Darson's Digital Calipers give extremely accurate measurements for tools and opening with a digital display for maximum accuracy.

When you need to know the exact diameter of a mystery drill bit, the inside opening of a mortise or the precise width of a dado blade, a caliper is the right tool for the job. Darson offers conventional style Digital Calipers in 4" and 6" maximum-opening sizes, accurate to 1/128" or .01mm. You can zero out the tool to take absolute measurements, or zero it once open to take relative measurements. They sell for $28 to $33 and come with a spare battery as of 2011. (Most of these other tools do, too.)

posted on April 1, 2011 by Woodworker's Journal
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3 thoughts on “Darson Digital Calipers Gets Digital Measurement for Drill Bits, Mortises and More”

  • john stuertz

    purchased Darson 111-411 digital caliper from Rockler.
    Does not work, changed batteries several times, still nothing.

    Thank you in advance:

    John Stuertz

  • Bart

    Bought the Darson model 111-412 from Rockler. It worked great but since I did not use it often I removed the battery when not in use. I tried to use it recently and could not get it to work. I bought fresh batteries and still nothing. Very hard to get precision reading without the digital readout. Warranty expired. It's going in the recycle trash.

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