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Delta DP350 Drill Press Has Great Adjustable Lighting, but a Too Small Clamping Surface
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Delta drill press Swing: 12"
HP/Amps: 1/3; 5
Speed Range (RPM): 500-3100
Table Size: 9-1⁄2" x 9-7⁄8"
Spindle Travel: 3-1⁄4"; Chuck: 1/2"
2011 Price: $239.99; Weight: 78 lbs.

On most drill presses, changing drilling speeds is a manual process of shifting belts between pulley clusters. It can be a grimy job, which is why some never bother doing it. Delta’s continuous variable speed, controlled by a lever on top, makes the task easy as pie. Still, the feature needs a more descriptive display scale to help set speeds accurately.

Delta task light One of the best features of the press is its adjustable task light, which works with any standard bulb and provides good illumination.

The machine’s larger ball knobs are nice, and the conventional gooseneck worklight is a standout feature. While this tool’s 1/3hp motor is small, it still drove test bits through ash with moderate feed pressure.

Delta depth setting The quick release collar sets the drill's depth quickly and easily, but make sure that it's snapped in tight because it can come loose.

On tasks such as mortising, it’s important to set and hold a precise drilling depth. Delta’s tool-free, knurled knob did the job, but double-check that it is snapped securely onto the depth rod threads so it doesn’t shift as you work.

Delta provides a rather tiny T-slotted table here, and its gusseted and lipped casting limits your clamping options (a common problem with most drill presses). But you can overcome that by attaching a larger shop made table. Still, a bigger table and motor would sweeten the $240 (2011) price.

posted on February 1, 2011 by Chris Marshall
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One thought on “Delta DP350 Drill Press Has Great Adjustable Lighting, but a Too Small Clamping Surface”

  • Angie Ruiz

    Hi, I need a Heavy duty variable speed drill press
    but I dont want of china or taiwan origin
    i have a model DP-1500Vs baileigh
    but this drill press is made in taiwan
    are you have a same drill but made in USA or other country?

    please let me know

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