Delta Unisaw Cabinet Saw Features Easy Dust Collection and Blade Adjustments
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Delta Unisaw Cabinet Saw Rip Capacity: 52"R, 12"L
Depth of Cut: 3-1⁄8" (90°); 2-1⁄8" (45°)
Table: 31"W x 40"L
Weight: 661 lbs
2010 Price: $3,299

As you’re probably already aware, Delta completely redesigned the Unisaw two years ago with many new features. Up top, the saw has a two-piece split guard that offers a clear, open line of sight to the blade and pops off with a flip lever. A single riving knife supports it, and it’s simple to shift the knife to high or low positions or remove it for dadoing, thanks to a pull lever under the front fence rail. A versatile design.

Split fence guard sightline on Delta cabinet saw The split fence guard on Delta's cabinet saw allows you a very good line of sight to the saw's blade.

Other controls are also user-friendly: the two blade tilt and elevation wheels are positioned in front where they’re easy to reach, and the dial-style bevel tilt scale is both enclosed and accurate to within one-quarter degree.

Making adjustments on a Delta cabinet saw To make adjustment on the Delta's cabinet saw blade, there are two easily adjustable wheels mounted on the front.

Delta’s new, beefy one-piece trunnion — the biggest of the test group — and American-made Marathon motor form a solid, low-vibration power platform. And, the Unisaw has updated dust collection provisions: a shroud below the blade is coupled to a hose that directs dust out the back of the cabinet. Plus, the dust port adapter cover on the cabinet has openings on the bottom to catch debris that escapes the shroud. I only removed one handful of dust after my cutting test.

You also get more table area in front of the blade with this machine — 15-1⁄4" when the blade is raised to 1". It’s very helpful for wider crosscutting.

Other tempting features of this saw include a storage drawer with full-extension slides, a precision miter gauge that has nine adjustable detents and a true Biesemeyer rip fence with a fine, easy-toread cursor.

At $3,299 in 2010, a saw should be feature-rich and heavy-duty. While the Unisaw costs a bundle, I still think it delivers admirably on both accounts.

posted on February 1, 2010 by Chris Marshall
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2 thoughts on “Delta Unisaw Cabinet Saw Features Easy Dust Collection and Blade Adjustments”

  • John Jones

    Currently, I am researching various 10" cabinet table saws which I plan to purchase. Right now I have a 10" 3hp Craftsman table saw that I purchased in 2005. I am a little disappointed with this saw and is looking to up grade. I am leaning toward Delta's 10" table saw. I value Chris Marshall's review of the various table saws posted on 2/1/2010. Thank you.

  • Rick

    I bought my Delta Unisaw new 10 Plus years ago and now I am needing to add a dust shoot hook up. I cannot find the serial number location on the saw. I would like to order the missing piece that attaches to the saw that would allow me to hook up a dust collection system. Thanks for your help. Rick

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