DeWalt DWP611 and Porter-Cable 450 Trim Routers Convert with Plunge Bases
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Porter-Cable Model 450 router The Porter-Cable Model 450 comes with a 1-1/4hp motor and a square base for plunge routing.

DeWALT and Porter-Cable’s new trim routers both offer a plunge base option. Released at this year’s IWF, the DeWALT Compact Router (DWP611) comes as either a fixed-base or in a fixed/plunge-base combination kit (DW611PK) — as does the Porter-Cable Model 450 (standard is the fixed-base; the fixed/plunge combo kit for the P-C is 450PK). Both router brands have 1-1⁄4 peak HP motors, soft-start, 12 internal detents on the motor shaft and 1/4" collets.

DeWalt router system The DeWalt DWP611 comes equipped with a D-shaped sub-base for plunge routing and two LED Lights.

The plunge bases both include sliding and locking depth stop rod and clear sub-bases. With motors installed in the plunge bases, both weigh about six pounds. DeWALT’s 611 comes with variable speed control, while the P-C is a single speed; DeWALT’s fixed base has a D-shaped sub-base; Porter-Cable’s is square. The DeWALT also comes with two internal LED lights. Pricing as of 2010 for the DeWALT fixed-base standalone is $139; $199 for the combo kit; for Porter-Cable, it’s $129 for the fixed-base; $189 for the two-base kit.

posted on February 1, 2011 by Woodworker's Journal
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