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DeWalt DWS520SK TrackSaw Plunge Rail Saw with Fast Action Clamps
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DeWalt DWS530 plunge cut rail saw DeWalt's DWS520 rail saw is heavier than the other saws on the market, but that lends itself to a nice, balanced weight when in motion.

Fresh out of the gate, DeWalt’s new 12-amp TrackSaw proved to be a powerful competitor. It’ll cut to 2-1⁄8" deep at 90° or 1-5⁄8" at a 45° tip. At 11.2 lbs., it’s heavier than the others, but the weight is nicely balanced and really a non-issue for horizontal cutting. The depth scale has good-old Imperial markings, and the tool locks in those depth and bevel-tilt settings securely. Unlike its competition, this saw has two lines of defense against kickback: a spring-loaded riving knife and a tiny catch on the base that prevents backward movement on the rail.

All this said, I had a few little problems with this saw. The plunge mechanism is a parallel link, which requires pushing the grip slightly forward and then down, similar to a handsaw motion. Until I got used to it, the plunge action didn’t feel fluid, and occasionally the saw would creep forward on the slippery rail as I plunged it. The saw could also use a splinterguard on the blade’s waste side to neaten up that edge.

DeWalt rail saw clamps The DeWalt saw features fast acting clamps that lock to the workbench for fast and secure cutting.

The TrackSaw is priced neck-and-neck with Festool at $499 as of 2009, with a 59" rail included and a pair of really nice quick-action clamps. Here’s a feature-loaded machine I’m sure will just keep improving over time.

posted on June 1, 2009 by Chris Marshall
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