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DeWalt's Unique DW433 Power Sander Features Three Rollers for Optimal Woodworking on the Go
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DeWalt DW433 Power Sander The DeWalt DW433 Sander features a unique, durable body, making it great for tough sanding jobs.

An unusually designed sander, the DeWALT DW433 is a heavy beast, with a large cast-alloy body and a low-slung motor and three rollers. Three rollers? Yes, you read that right. The DeWALT has a large rubber covered drive roller and a pair of small-diameter rollers in the front, one above the other. This arrangement allows the DW433 to sand very close to front vertical obstructions. It also creates enough space between the rollers to mount the motor inside the belt loop, which keeps the tool’s center of gravity very low.

DeWalt Sander Dust Control System The DeWalt sander's body might be a bit heavy, but an advantage is an easy-to-use dust control system, that hooks up to a bag or your shop's vacuum.

Dust collection is well implemented on the DeWALT, which uses a large fabric covered dust canister instead of the usual bag. Further, there’s a unique “On/Off” control, allowing you to use the sander sans dust canister, without spraying dust everywhere. On the flip side, it’s not that easy to attach and detach the canister from the sander, and the clip that secures it is located so close to the rear handle that it dug into my thumb occasionally.

DeWalt DW433 Sander's Unique Body The unique shape of the DeWalt DW433 sander gives it an advantage sanding around walls and dividers.

The DeWALT felt generally unflappable, even when I leaned on it hard while flattening a rough glued-up panel. The belt tracking knob felt a little spongy, but once the belt was adjusted, it tended to track stably. Although this sander’s low center of gravity made it feel rock solid on wide panels, its substantial weight made it less nimble when sanding face frames or vertical panels.

posted on October 1, 2011 by Sandor Nagyszalanczy
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3 thoughts on “DeWalt's Unique DW433 Power Sander Features Three Rollers for Optimal Woodworking on the Go”

  • amisha

    wow... what a fantastic rollers. These rollers are looking as good quality and these are solid. I hope this is a big success in the future. like this post too much.

  • Matt Corwin

    Not to sound like a know it all but I have been a belt sanding pro for over 30 years, having bought my first serious machine, a Skill 448 worm drive (locomotive) in 1981 and a few porter cable 504's (also locomotives) since.
    Related to your review of the Dewalt sander, I know of at least two other sanders with three pulley systems (yes pulleys not "rollers") one being the Ridgid and the other is Black and Decker. Neither is particularly high end but the Ridgid got my attention as it is a nice design and looks light enough to work vertical, however the older style Bosch 3 X 21 or the Riobi 3 X 21 are better for that purpose because of their light weight and handle placement although, I feel that it is irresponsible to recommend a belt sander for vertical or overhead work. Heavy duty belt sanders are for FLAT WORK not vertical +overhead! They are not balanced when working off of the bench and they can be dangerous when their weight is not centered over the platen. I will use them for cabinet face frames only when the cabinet can be layed down otherwise a palm or RO sander is in order. Also, they lose their 'feel' of the work when they are rocking around on a vertical surface and its near impossible for the average woodworker to do a good job.
    A belt sanders greatest advantage over disc type sanders is it's linear sanding ability, to sand with the grain or across the grain and to be able to 'hear' the progress of the work as well as see it happening. I will normally belt sand from 60g through to 100g with a belt and finish with a random orbit 100g to 120g and hand sand after that with 150g and up depending on the project.

  • Rick

    Been using a porter cable since the early 80'S replaced the brushes once and now the cord will replace it with another Porter Cable. When it works stick with it.

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