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What Is the Difference Between Automotive and Furniture Lacquer in Finishing Products
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Furniture lacquer cracks in in temperature changes Nitrocellulose furniture lacquer develops cracks as it's exposed to temperature changes and extreme temperature.

Q: I built a grandfather clock using purpleheart. I went to an automotive supply store to get lacquer and they told me that automotive lacquer would not work, I needed furniture lacquer. What is the difference between automotive and furniture lacquer?

Lacquer finish on Guitar project Automotive lacquer actually works very well on outdoor wood projects, or projects that move through different temperatures regularly, like guitars.

A: Automotive lacquer is made to tolerate wider ranges of heat and cold without cracking than is most furniture (nitrocellulose) lacquer. For that reason, furniture lacquer will not work well in outdoor applications, such as on cars, but the reverse is not true. Automotive lacquer will indeed work on furniture. In fact, many guitars, which tend to go from heated indoor areas to cold car trunks over and over, are often finished in automotive lacquer for just that reason.

posted on August 1, 2009 by Michael Dresdner
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  • Robert Priore

    Where can I buy black lacquer? I want to match ,factory black lacquer finish on apiece of furnitureI am making.I want to spray it on with my spray gun .

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