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Building a log cabin isn’t for the faint of heart: Heavy work, heavy logs, hot sun, chiggers, ticks, setbacks and decisions, decisions, decisions. But that didn’t stop the crew of DIY Network’s Blog Cabin. If you haven’t been following along, for the past six months they’ve been working on a cozy retreat nestled in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains. And they’ve had lots of help. Along with the crew of DIY network experts, scores of bloggers have been chipping in on everything from choosing a location to pointing out a missing window RO.

The results look impressive, as you’ll see if you watch Blog Cabin on the DIY Network beginning tonight. Along with the interesting design-by-blogger-consensus twist, the show’s likely to be packed with useful information on how a group of experts approach every aspect of the log structure construction process.

There’s lots more information on the DIY/Blog Cabin website, but for a quick glimpse of what to expect, here are a few Blog Cabin clips, including an exciting sequence in which carpenter/host Amy Devers bravely performs a self-splinterectomy with a utility knife. And there’s one more important detail: You can win the Blog Cabin cabin. That’s right; all you have to do is sign up to win and with a little luck, you’ll soon find yourself settling in to a fabulous mountain getaway without ever having to dust off your adz.

What to do in the mean time? Well, you’ll need some furniture. Here's the perfect solution: Between now and the time you pick up the keys, you can easily turn yourself into a proficient log furniture maker. It’s one of the most accessible skills in woodworking, and it doesn’t take a decade to build the necessary tool collection. From two types of log tenon cutters to rustic furniture making books, we’ve got everything you need – except the logs. Oh, wait, we have those too – in our ready-to-assemble rustic furniture kits. With only a modest investment, a little free time and a pile of sticks, you’ll be all set on move-in day.

posted on August 16, 2007 by Rockler
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