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Dust Collection Series: Moving DC From Tool to Tool
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Table saw dust collection set up

We have been discussing dust collection for the last few posts, concentrating on shop vacuums as the collector. While these can be highly effective for hand held tools and even many stationary power tools, many home shops have dedicated dust collectors that typically use a 4'' diameter hose.

Many woodworking articles and several books have been written comparing these units and discussing how an entire shop can be piped to effectively connect all your tools. But in many home woodshops like mine, most of the tools are mobile. Fixed pipe-work does not really fit and is an expense that can be better spent on additional tools. This blog post will be looking at accessories and options that make it fast and easy to move your existing dust collection from machine to machine as needed.

Dust Right fittings 4 inch dust collection set up

My 1 HP dust collector is centrally located in my shop and can be rolled around, but with a flexible 10 foot hose, I rarely need to move it more than a few feet. (Photo: Shop Set Up) I used to simply slide the hose off one machine and onto another as needed. But the “4 Inch” outlets on my various tools are not all exactly the same dimension. So I had to tighten and loosen the hose clamp with each swap, or let it sit loose on some machines and lose some of the vacuum efficiency.

dust collection for planer hook up starionary woodworking machine dust collection hook up

Rockler’s Dust Right system is a great accessory to solve this problem. Adapters are added to each machine’s dust port making them all the same. A combination handle/port attaches to the flexible hose from my DC. It slips snugly on and off the adapters, no tools needed. It now takes only seconds to switch from machine to machine with no loss of vacuum. And Rockler’s Router Table Dual Port works with the system as well, providing collection in the cabinet and at the fence.

router table dust collection connection

So look into the 4'' dust collection accessories that are available and spend less time swapping around and more time making treasures. Next post I’ll be looking at some other 4'' accessories for keeping the mess under control.

posted on July 8, 2011 by Ralph Bagnall
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3 thoughts on “Dust Collection Series: Moving DC From Tool to Tool”

  • Chris Ontario, Canada
    Chris Ontario, Canada July 3, 2011 at 3:43 pm

    Currently I am working in a small poorly lade out shop and have given up on dust collection because it is so frustrating to plumb it to everything. i like your idea and am going to try to center my collector in the near middle of my shop. Maybe then I can use your metthod.
    Thanks, Chris

  • patrick anders

    I think dust collection is too often overlooked when folks think about major power tools for their shop. Literally for health and safety reasons good dust collection should be a priority. Not only that we all know how nice it is to work in a clean shop, but also what a nuisance it can be to keep up with keeping it clean. Good dust collection pays for itself.

  • David Knoble

    I have this set, and the Rockler 20' extensible hose on my 1hp Delta dust collector. This set makes it trivial to move between the table saw, router, floor sweep, and bench sweep. If it weren't so easy, I admit I probably would be less inclined to move it so much. This, combined with a remote switch for the dust collector on my table saw, and a hand-held remote for my router/sweeps, make it easy to move the hose, and to keep the shop clean.

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