Edge and Installation Clamps Apply Moldings, Edging and Cabinetry Assembly
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Edge and Installation clamp hardware The edge clamps (bottom) are used for trim and molding application while the installation clamps hold cabinet parts together.

Most commonly used to apply edge banding to plywood or MDF shelves, doors, cabinet panels, etc., edge clamps are also useful for strip lamination work. Jorgensen’s basic edge clamps look like a C-clamp with three screws: Two grip the board/panel while the third presses the edge. Bessey’s One-Hand Edge Clamps have a single handscrew that simultaneously adjusts the clamp to the thickness of the panel and applies pressure to the edge, making them great for production applications. Although the Pony Euro Claw and Cabinet Claw clamps look and function somewhat like edge clamps, they’re actually specialized installation clamps, designed for clamping and fastening adjacent cabinets together during installation.

posted on April 1, 2009 by Sandor Nagyszalanczy
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