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Featherboard Techniques: Wide Board Jointing with Magnetic Featherboards
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Edge jointing tall pieces without them tipping can prove difficult, but tall or stacked featherboards on the infeed table can keep them secure.

Now consider those really wide boards you can’t bear to rip into narrower pieces. Jointer fences are short, which doesn’t provide much vertical support for a board that’s 10" or more wide. How do you know the face is snug against the fence when a wide board is on edge and you’re guiding it by hand? It’s hard to be sure. I worked through this challenge by using four interlocking riser blocks included in Magswitch’s Vertical Featherboard kit to create a taller featherboard. When double-stacked, they position the top featherboard in line with the top of the jointer fence. It’s ideal for this job.

posted on October 1, 2010 by Chris Marshall
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