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Even more new ideas for Rockler Universal Fence Clamps!
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Editor's note: In part two of our Fence Clamp Fest, guest blogger Dave Owen offers up even more creative uses for the clamps.

I discovered a rather unusual use for the Rockler Universal Fence Clamps when I needed to cut 8/4 and 10/4 hard maple, rough lumber into strips for my workbench top. Because I was working alone, and the rough lumber had the usual cups, warps, and twists, I was afraid to try ripping the seven foot boards on my table saw. My solution was to cut them on the bandsaw using a sled and a good ripping blade. While trying to decide how to hold the boards in place on the sled, I realized fence clamps could be used for that purpose.

I made the sled the same length as the maple lumber (7'-0''), and drilled a horizontal anchor hole in each end of the sled for the clamps – using wedges where needed to hold the board in the correct position throughout the cut. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the fairly complex sled and in-feed and out-feed set-up, but the 'mock-up' picture below should clear up how I used the clamps. It worked like a charm on all five of the wide maple boards, and I was able to quickly rip the fourteen, arrow-straight strips I needed.

Clamping to a sled

While building a small, portable table for a Bosch Colt trim router, I came up with a couple of additional uses. The photo shows a portion of the table and the fence to illustrate both ideas. I decided to make a simple. one-piece fence for the table, and one of a pair of MDF auxiliary fences is shown fastened to that fence with the clamps.

Router Fence Clamp

The second idea is the clamp shown holding the fence to the table. Two 3/8'' rare-earth magnets were pressed into a hole in the center of each end to retain the clamps. The magnets avoid the clamps falling out, while making them easy to remove when needed for another purpose.

I hope some of you find these posts useful, while at the same time I'm also sure some of you have already come up with additional uses for these clamps. I'd like to hear about them. [Ed.: We'd like to hear about them too! Leave a comment below if you've got more ideas. Thanks very much to Dave Owen for sharing his creativity with our readers.]

About Dave Owen:
Dave Owen is a 79 year-old retired Architect who lives in Florida. You can find more of Dave's woodworking ideas in his blog on These two articles came from his series "Works for Me" on his blog.

posted on May 3, 2010 by Kim Adams
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2 thoughts on “Even more new ideas for Rockler Universal Fence Clamps!”

  • Tom Woods

    Dave and Rockler,
    Thanks for sharing these. I like to see the ideas of others.

  • Tony

    All I can say is wow.... great ideas! I just ordered a second set
    of the clamps and will more than likely order additional sets now!
    Keep the great ideas coming!

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