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Everlast Saw's DS840 Dado Blade Has More Saw Teeth for Nice Cutting but More Scoring
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Everlast DS840 Dado Kit 2011 Street price: $274
Chippers: 4 (1/16", two 1/8", 1/4")
Maximum cutting width: 13/16"
Outer blades: 40-tooth
Chipper style: Two-wing
Carbide: C3; Hook angle: -5°

Everlast incorporates 16 more teeth on the outer blades than others here, and their -5° hook angle cut almost perfectly through composites and cedar. The two-wing chippers did leave more noticeable score lines in maple than other blades, so it lost some ground for me there — but the results were still cleaner than Bosch in this regard. A 3/32" chipper and shim set would make this blade a more competitive buy for its price.

posted on August 1, 2011 by Chris Marshall
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