EZ-Mark Marking Lines - What a Great Idea
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Here's a process that most woodworkers don't enjoy:  Nailing, stapling, or otherwise fastening "blind" through a side or back of something into the edge of something else.  The process is fraught with peril - If you miss the mark, instead of the securely attached shelf or whatever you were hoping for, you have a splintered, difficult to fix hole in the back or side of an otherwise perfectly good piece of casework. To prevent that from happening, the typical solution is to measure and carefully mark off the correct location of the fasteners - a time-consuming task that leaves you with a pencil line, which in many cases, has to be gotten rid of later on.

New at Rockler this week, EZ-Mark Marking Lines take the edge off of this less than sought after procedure with an admirably straightforward solution: EZ-Mark Marking Lines are simply an elastic chord with a clip on each end that catches on either side of the work resulting in a perfectly straight guide for positioning fasteners.  The set comes with a 10", 20" and 30" cord, each of which stretches to twice its length (which should cover just about every blind fastening situation you’ll ever encounter).  Now, for less than five bucks, you can cut considerable time off of a task that most of us would rather speed through as quickly and accurately as possible, and forget about erasing or sanding off fastener guidelines for good.

posted on September 11, 2006 by Rockler
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