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Featherboard Techniques: Making Table Saw Rip Cuts for Narrow Profiles
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Making narrow cut When making narrow cuts, using a push stick together with a narrow profile featherboard will help keep the workpiece secure.

When ripping workpieces narrower than about 8", a push stick is sensible to keep your fingers clear of the blade. As stock gets even narrower and lighter, it’s a good idea to install a featherboard over it to keep the wood pressed down firmly. But, what happens when the workpiece becomes too narrow to keep a push stick engaged next to the featherboard? Short of discarding the wood (sometimes the safer solution), consider installing a pair of FeatherBow Junior® featherboards (around $7.50 ea. as of 2010) over your workpiece. Their narrow 3/8" profile can help you keep a push stick in control throughout the cut. FeatherBow Juniors come with bolts and knobs to attach to an auxiliary fence facing. You choose between a single feather or a bow on the other end to create downward force.

posted on October 1, 2010 by Chris Marshall
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