Featherboard Techniques: Router Table Cutting Edge Profiles in Molding
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A push stick, combined with the featherboards, is necessary for safety when cutting profiles on narrow stock on a router table.

When routing an edge profile to create a narrow strip of molding, the best approach is to mill it on wider stock, then rip the molding free. But, you may not always have that option. If you’ve only got a narrow strip of stock to begin with, Woodhaven’s 240K Hold-down and Hold-in Kit ($29.99 as of 2010) can help. These featherboards are made of flexible, high-density plastic with three feathers molded at a 4° angle away from the base. Setting the correct operating pressure is easy: just compress the feathers until they’re parallel with the workpiece. The narrow profile of the plastic (3/8") can give you the clearance you need to keep a push stick engaged when routing that thin stock. The holddown featherboard includes an aluminum extrusion with T-slot bolts and knobs for mounting it to a router table fence. The hold-in has an expanding bar and large easy-to-use wing knobs for securing the featherboard in a miter slot.

posted on October 1, 2010 by Chris Marshall
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