Featherboard Techniques: Router Table Panel Cutting with Double Featherboards
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High-rise featherboard Some featherboards, like this Double Featherboard Kit from Rockler, can be configured as high-rises, making them perfect for panel routing.

Panel-raising with a vertical bit on the router table is another scenario where featherboards can improve accuracy. You need some means of hold-in pressure to keep the panel pressed fully against the fence. If the panel veers away from the fence, the cutter won’t remove all of the material it’s supposed to. The trouble with typical 3/4"-thick featherboards is that they aren’t tall enough to provide adequate support higher on the fence where you really need it. Solution? Rockler and some other featherboard products come with wide riser blocks or a stack of washers to elevate a featherboard’s stance. For instance, Rockler’s Table Featherboard ($18.99 as of 2010), which mounts in a miter slot, is also sold as a Double Featherboard Kit ($29.99). The kit includes two risers, long bolts and knobs that raise a second featherboard over the main Table Featherboard. The combined height provides two areas of hold-in support to reach to the top of 3"-tall router table fences. Once installed, your hold-in support is assured, and it takes some of the hassle out of the handfeeding process.

posted on October 1, 2010 by Chris Marshall
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