Features Worth Shopping for in a Trim Router
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Router depth switch Many newer trim routers come with switches to adjust cutting depth settings on the fly.

If you have an older model laminate trimmer, it probably has a fairly limited range of features. It was, after all, designed for the singular purpose of countertop fabrication.

Router templates There are several routers on the market that have exchangeable router templates so it can handle more than one job.

You can still do a lot more with it, especially if the base accepts template guides. Maybe you’re out of the trim router “loop,” in which case you might appreciate knowing that there’s an evolution occurring in this category.

Router base One way that trim router manufacturers are making their tools more versatile is the inclusion of plunge bases, standard on many routers these days.

Today’s newer trimmers are looking and performing more and more like mid-size routers. Soft start, electronic feedback circuitry to maintain torque output and micro-adjustability are some key improvements that are helping to make these machines more capable and precise. Plunge bases are also an excellent addition. Trend realized this years ago and offers a full-featured plunge base with their tool. I’m happy to see other companies now stepping up with plunge capability. I believe it unlocks their potential and makes them a much broader go-to solution for woodworking.

posted on December 1, 2010 by Chris Marshall
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