Fein SuperCut Designed for Professional Woodworkers and Others with Kits
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Fein Super Cut Oscillating Multi-Tool Fein's SuperCut Multi-tool is made with professional woodworkers in mind, with a lot of power and kits for different jobs.

Fein builds a heavier-duty, premium multi-tool targeted to professional tradespeople and remodelers: the SuperCut. This machine features a 400-watt (3.6-amp) motor that drives an all-metal transmission, yet the tool still weighs about the same as the MultiMasters. Soft start, a speed range of 11,000 to 18,500 opm and EFC are other important details. The SuperCut also has a contoured grip, similar to a right-angle grinder. It comes with the QuickIN attachment interface. A special adapter allows the machine to accept SuperCut specific attachments, plus pages’ worth of MultiMaster blade styles in Fein’s catalog.

Fein Supercut adjustable depth stop Fein's SuperCut system has an adjustable depth stop for its cutters to control the plunge cuts.

There are five different professional kits for the SuperCut, with attachments and accessories selected for specific trades. The one most applicable to woodworking is the Carpenter Kit ($896 in 2010). It comes with 10 wood-cutting blades of different widths and tooth styles, a sanding pad and various paper grits, depth stop and a hard storage case. It also has a dust extraction accessory. Other SuperCut kits focus on flooring work, window repair, tile renovation and caulking/sealant removal.

posted on April 1, 2010 by Chris Marshall
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