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Festool TS 55 EQ Plunge Rail Saw Features Quality Engineering and Cutting
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Festool's TS-55 EQ Plunge-cut Rail Saw Festool's Festool TS 55 EQ rail saw makes cutting on the rail easy, with surgical precision with six different blades.

It’s hard not to like the TS 55 EQ ($500). The saw whips out one surgically clean cut after the next, thanks to a beefy arbor and triple motor bearings, a variable-pitch blade and an effective little green splinterguard on the waste side of the cut. You want panel saw-quality cuts? Festool delivers ’em.

The saw is rated to make 90° cuts up to 11-5⁄16" deep or 1-7⁄16" bevels when tipped to 45°. Its depth control is metric and locks positively on a sawtooth-style rack. To begin cutting, just pivot your wrist to drop the blade and riving knife ... it’s effortless. And, that 10-amp motor powers up silky smooth.

Festool attends to the little details too: it has tool-less track adjusters, a Systainer® carry case that can be clipped to other Systainers for stacking and transport, a power cord that unplugs from the saw and a limit stop for setting plunge cuts.

Festool rail saw's rail splinter guard The splinter guards on the rail offer guidance and stability to the saw blade for zero-clearance cutting on Festool's rail saw.

Here’s another important distinction between the TS 55 EQ and the two greenhorns: Festool offers six different blades, mitering and parallel edge guide accessories and full integration into the company’s Multifunction Table (MFT) system. This is a mature, proven product line. Given how closely these three saws are priced, that heritage tips the scales for me.

posted on June 1, 2009 by Chris Marshall
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